DDavidia's Seed Cover
The explosive in place. The fuse set. One individual holds the key to defusing it, or detonating it
Following a calamitous space battle, a small damaged pod drifts amid the debris, a single individual aboard, clinging to the final moments of life. A ship, hidden behind a small orange and red hued moon while the battle raged, approaches the debris field, searching for items to salvage and discovers the pod.

The serendipitous encounter of two strangers in space spawns an extraordinary journey and a shared destiny neither could have imagined, which will decide the fate of two worlds on the brink of war.

A discerning and cautious General, aware of the devastation a war will wrought, seeks to avoid it. A ruling Governor, imprisoned by culture and tradition, is determined to pursue it. And a clandestine operative races against time in search of the key to prevent it.
Readers are saying:

"An amazing world, an amazing tale - you won't want to leave"

"Once again Mr. Smart blows me away"

“A gem and a must read"

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